Edwardsburg Public Schools Bands


Our Program

The Edwardsburg Public Schools Band Program has six performing ensembles.  Student enrollment in these six bands exceeds 400 students.  Bands include four grade level bands from 5th-8th grade as well as a 9-12 HS Band and a 9-12 Jazz Band.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each student intellectual and creative instrumental music experiences expressed through emotional and artistic communication.


Our Philosophy

The fine arts should be a vital part of the educational process. In a civilization stressing scientific achievement, material wealth and specialization, the fine arts contribute greatly toward the maintenance of a proper cultural balance. As one of the areas of the fine arts, instrumental music also has as its primary purpose the improvement of the quality of life of the individual. This is accomplished by helping students acquire the skills of musical communication, thereby providing yet another means of sharing ideas with others. For many students, music is the most feasible and enjoyable means of communication available to them. As an expressive art, instrumental music requires growth in physical, intellectual, emotional and aesthetic areas.


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